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p;Shanghai's municipal government is reforming the hiring policies of state-owned enterprises, particularly for manage▓ment positions. The reforms are a first for the country and part of efforts to make state-owned enterprises more competitive. For years, CEOs and managers in state-owned ent▓erprises have been appointed by

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the government. As well as their job▓ titles, they are also given an administrative rank as civil servants. This rank sets them apart from managers of private companies. They▓ enjoy the same benefits, promotions, medical care and retirement pack

ages as civil servants of the same rank. They are also part of a reserve pool of ▓future government officials.Operational reforms have injected vitality into sta▓te-owned enterprises in recent years. But old-style human resource management methods, particularly for choosing managers, have become an obstacle to growth. Yang Gu▓oxiong, Shanghhai Government Official, said, "If the government's arm st▓retches too far in managing enterprises' leadership, enterprises will be less market-oriented a▓nd managers will focus n

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ot on running the business, but on planning their political careers."China will launch a long-awaited growth enterprise board on May 1st. It will serve as a new direct financing platfo▓rm for innovative companies. China's securities regulator rele

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ased new guidelines on Tuesday. The regulations state that companies seeking a listing on the new Nasdaq-like second boa▓rd should have net assets of at least 20 million yuan. They also note that companies applying for a listing be open f▓or busi

ness for more than three years. The China Sec▓urities Regulatory Commission also requires that the issuer has remained profitable in the two most recent consecutive years prior to its application. The prospective i▓ssuer must also have combined profits of at least 10 million yuan. Or report profits of at least 5 million yuan for the most recent year on revenues of at least 50 million yuan. The company must also have an annual revenue growth of at least 30 percent in ▓the recent two years. The guidelines are set to go into effect on May 1st.Background: Effect:Analysis:BEIJING, March 15 (Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the Report on the Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets for 2008 and on the Draft Central and Local Budgets for 2009, which was submi▓tted for review on March 5, 2009 at the Second Session▓ of the Eleventh National People's Congress and was adopted on March 13: REPORT ON THE IMPLEMENTATIO▓N OF THE CENTRAL AND LOCAL BUDGETS FOR 2008 AND ON T▓HE DRAFT CENTRAL AND LOCAL BUDGETS FOR 2009 Second Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress March 5, 2009 Ministry of Finance of the

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